Miki Goldwasser: We Are One Family, With a Task - to Bring Home Shalit

Goldwasser was speaking at the unveiling of Eldad Regev's gravestone, where Gilad Shalit's father was also present.

Over a hundred people attended the unveiling of the gravestone of Eldad Regev, the abducted Israel Defense Forces reserve soldier whose body was returned to Israel last month as part of Israel's prisoner exchange deal with Hezbollah.

Among the participants at the ceremony in the Haifa cemetery was Noam Shalit, father of abducted IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, who was kidnapped by Hamas in June 2006. Shlomo and Miki Goldwasser, parents of Ehud Goldwasser who was abducted with Regev, were also present at the unveiling, as Miki called for Israel's public to unite in demanding the release of Gilad Shalit.

"We are one family. We must carry on, despite the difficulties. We have a mission - to bring Gilad home," she said, adding "We move on with a great sense of loss, but we have to. Israel mustn't forget Gilad."

Eldad Regev's uncle, Michael Helfman, eulogized his nephew and said "We were hoping, Eldad, that we would get to celebrate your and Udi's [Goldwasser] return from captivity, but it didn't turn out that way and you returned home in a coffin."

After the ceremony ended, the participants began making their way to Nahariya, where the unveiling of Goldwasser's gravestone is slated to begin later on Friday.