Migrant Worker, Toddler Bitten by Snakes, Moderately Injured

71 snake bites have been reported in June, culminating in death of Western Galilee man.

A migrant worker was bitten by a snake Wednesday in a moshav north of Tel Aviv, in a surge of snake bites which has plagued Israel recently.

On Tuesday, a 9-month-old baby had been bitten by a snake in a nearby moshav. She was rushed to Kfar Sava's Meir hospital and her condition has been described as stable.

Magen David Adom emergency medical service has said that 71 people have been bitten by snakes since the beginning of the month.

Also on Tuesday, a 6-year-old girl from the Jordan Valley was rushed to Hadassa hospital in Jerusalem after being moderately injured by a snake bite.

Over the weekend, a man died when a snake bit his face in the yard of his home in the Western Galilee. Medics said that Gil Rosokhovchky, 47, was bitten while tending a pigeon coop that he keeps outside his Shavei Zion home. The viper was in a tree next to the coop and, feeling threatened, bit Rosokhovchky's face. He died shortly afterward.

Dr. Aryeh Eisenman, who treated Rosokhovchky at Nahariya Hospital, said the bite was near the jugular, and the poison was thus swiftly transported to the heart and brain.