Migrant Caregiver Charged With Murder of Elderly Woman

Elena Roaves is suspected of having strangled 76-year-old Shoshana Bierenbach and torched her bedroom.

Elena Roaves, a 47-year-old migrant caregiver, was on Monday indicted for murdering Shoshana Bierenbach and torching her bedroom.

According to the indictment, Roaves killed the 76-year-old Holocaust survivor over her disparaging comments regarding the man she was dating and her accusations of stealing her money.

Roaves allegedly strangled the elderly woman with several belts and then set fire to her bed with the body.

The strong smell of smoke and the noise that came from Bierenbach's Holon apartment drew the attention of neighbors, who knocked on the apartment door. Since nobody answered, one neighbor entered the second floor apartment via the living room balcony, and saw Bierenbach's body go up in flames while Roaves was leaving the room.

The caregiver tried to escape through the bedroom balcony, but lost her grip and fell to the ground. She sustained severe injuries and was admitted to Tel Hashomer hospital.

She later told police that she had jumped out of the window to escape police and not because she was trying to commit suicide.