Meretz Candidate Talya Sasson Receives Death Threat

Sasson assesses the threat was made by people apposing her position on the issue of illegal outposts.

Attorney Talya Sasson, number seven on the Meretz list for the Knesset, issued a complaint to police Monday stating she received a death threat from an anonymous caller.

"On Saturday a phone call was made to my home," Sasson said. "My daughter answered and was asked by an anonymous man to relay a threatening message to me."

Sasson refused to detail the content of the message, but stated that it was "Extremely unpleasant."

The complaint was made to the Mevasseret Zion police, who launched investigation. Sasson assesses the threat was made due to her publicly-known position on the issue on illegal outposts.

In 2005 Sasson published a report showing Israel had been conducting construction in illegal outposts that exceeded its agreement with the U.S, according to which construction would be limited to meeting the needs of the settlements' natural growth.

"Threats and means of intimidation will not shut me up," said Sasson. Meretz, in response has called upon authorities to investigate the case in order to avoid a situation in which various legitimate stands are silenced in this manner.

Members of the National Union party slammed Sasson on Sunday saying that the only outpost they are familiar with is Sasson herself within the Justice Ministry.

"Sasson prepared the report and exploited her public position to advance herself politically," said National Union chair Ya'akov Katz.