Mazuz Orders Probe Into Herut's Kleiner for Incitement to Racism

Herut campaign posters depict Arab woman with caption, 'this demographic will poison us.'

Attorney General Menachem Mazuz ordered a criminal investigation Monday into former MK Michael Kleiner and his Herut party for suspected incitement to racism due to motifs in their campaign posters for the recent elections.

The party put up advertisements on the sides of public buses depicting an Arab woman wrapped in a traditional veil with a caption that read, "this demographic will poison us."

An anti-racist organization filed a complaint with Justice Dorit Beinish, chairman of the Central Elections Committee, who relayed the complaint to Mazuz.

According to Mazuz, the picture and caption are "clearly directed against the Israeli Arab population, thus raising a real concern that a crime of incitement to racism has been committed."

Mazuz maintains that it is in the public's interest to conduct a criminal investigation into this matter.