Masked Men Grab $200,000 From Couple in Ramle Mugging

Police believe violent mugging was planned in advance; two suspected of involvement in incident arrested.

Masked men snatched a bag containing $200,000 from a couple in the central town of Ramle on Thursday, in a violent mugging that police believe was planned in advance.

Police have arrested two people suspected of involvement in the incident; officers believe they will soon make further arrests.

The robbery took place close to 10:30 A.M., when the couple, farmers from a community in the Negev, arrived at the city's Ha'aliya Hashniya road in order to meet their niece.

When the husband left the car, two masked men rushed toward him and began to beat him, trying to grab the bag.

The man's wife ran to his aid, only to be attacked herself. A third masked man subsequently joined the muggers, after which they managed to snatch the bag and flee the scene in a Mazda car.

The couple were lightly wounded in the mugging and received treatment on the spot. A large number of police forces came to the scene of the robbery; officers later opened an investigation into the incident.

The victims told police about the large sum of money that was stolen, which they said had been in the husband's possession for the last few days.