Man With 86 Traffic Offenses Arrested for Driving at 180 Kph

Man was arrested on Coastal Highway; one other man arrested on same road for driving at 177 kph.

A man with 86 previous traffic offenses was arrested early Saturday morning after police caught him driving at 180 kilometers per hour (112 miles per hour) on the Coastal Highway near Netanya.

The driver, a resident of the Galilee village of Reina, was stripped of his license on the spot after police found he was also driving under the influence of alcohol.

Traffic police spotted the man driving his Audi vehicle northbound at high speed near the Poleg interchange, before he was eventually arrested by another mobile police unit several kilometers further along the road.

Police later arrested a Porsche driver traveling at 177 kilometers per hour (110 mph) along the same road. The man was also stripped of his license.

Both men have been summoned by the traffic police for a hearing on Monday morning.