Man Suspected of Hammering Wife to Death: She Harassed Me

Husband confesses to killing wife during interrogation; no previous reports of violence among couple.

A Rehovot man admitted on Wednesday to the suspicion that he had bludgeoned his wife to death with a hammer following an argument.

The 70-year-old woman was allegedly murdered by her 76-year-old husband while lying down to go to sleep in the couple's Rehovot apartment.

Following his arrest the man admitted to the suspected murder and added that he felt no regret or remorse for his actions.

"I wanted to put an end the punishment," the man said after several hours of questioning, explaining that his wife had reportedly harassed him constantly.

Following his confession the man was lead to the site where he reenacted the murder.

The man told investigators that this was one of many recent arguments between himself and his wife.

The initial police investigation revealed that a fight had broken out between the couple at around midnight, apparently revolving around money. After the woman prepared to go to sleep, police believe her husband approached her with a hammer and hit her on the head several times.

The man waited until Wednesday morning to report his wife's death, when he called his son and told him to come to the apartment.

The couple's son discovered his mother lying on the bed covered in blood. He then called police and paramedics who pronounced the woman's death on the scene.

The police arrested the man who confessed to murdering his wife. A background check found that there were no previous incidents of violence reported between the couple.