Man Suspected of Burning His Children's Tongues With Hot Knife

Beit Shemesh man is the husband of woman indicted in November for abusing their 12 children.

A Beit Shemesh man, 45, was arrested on Thursday for allegedly abusing three of his twelve children repeatedly, at times pressing a burning hot knife to their tongues in order to teach them to speak to him with respect.

The man was arrested following a complaint issued to the police by the town's social services who were in contact with the family after the children's mother was indicted last month for child abuse.

The mother, who was called in the media "Taliban mother" due to the severe nature of the abuse, was sentenced to 4-years in prison, and six months suspended sentence for the abuse of her 12 children.

The father allegedly only abused three children, as he said that they were the most insolent.