Man Sentenced to 9 Years in Jail for Assaulting 4 Elderly Women

Roman Simandoyev assaulted four elderly women aged 74-81 in a span of three days in July, 2007.

The Tel Aviv District Court sentenced Roman Simandoyev, 45, to nine years in prison Sunday for assaulting four elderly women aged 74 to 81 in a span of three days in July, 2007.

"Attacking the elderly has become, unfortunately, a very frequent occurrence and many have said that the punishments must be more severe in order to curtail this phenomena," Justice Zvi Gurfinkel said in the sentencing hearing.

"It's not enough to spill endless amounts of ink on this subject. It is time to translate these words into actions."

In a plea deal reached with the prosecution, it was agreed that Simondoyev wouldn't receive more than 10 years in prison. The prosecution signed the deal after two of the women he attacked could not clearly identify him.

On July 12th, Simandoyev stole an 81-year-old woman's purse outside a Rehovot bank. The next day he entered a 74-year-old woman's home in the city. When she refused to give her money, he pulled her hair, pushed her down and dragged her into the middle of the room before he stole her camera and check book.

A day later he entered an elevator in an apartment building in Lod with a 74-year-old woman. He tried to steal her bag but she screamed. When he tried to silence her she bit him so he knocked her down and hit her in the head and stole her bag.

Only 15 minutes later, he pushed a 80-year-old woman in to a thorn bush and stole her bag.