Man Sentenced to 11 Years in Jail for 'Clockwork Orange-like Acts'

Arik Shechter, 25, submitted an elderly woman to three hours of torture; victim says sentence too short.

Haifa District Court on Wednesday sentenced Arik Shechter, 25, to 11 years in prison and for brutally attacking elderly citizen and Holocaust survivor Ita Fogel. He was also ordered to pay Fogel 20,000 shekels in compensation.

Shechter was also handed a two-year suspended sentence.

In his verdict, the presiding judge wrote that Shechter had submitted Fogel to "Clockwork Orange-like acts" for three hours. He described Shechter's actions as a "repeat of Sodom and Gemorrah, expressed through physical and emotional abuse."

"Though we have grown accustomed to malicious acts of violence, it seems this time the defendant crossed all boundaries in the type and duration of his acts, and in his choice of victim."

Shechter and two other defendants were charged with breaking into Fogel's apartment and beating and torturing her over the course of three hours. Fogel was hospitalized in intensive care at Rambam Hospital in Haifa, where she spent over a month under anesthesia hooked up to a respirator. She also suffered from pneumonia and serious respiratory problems long after the attack.

Shechter and fellow assailants Stefan Borisvicho and a third man arrived at Fogel's house after hearing that she kept a large sum of money hidden there.

The three caused a power outage in the building, waited for Fogel to exit her apartment for the stairwell where they attacked her and forced their way into the apartment.

The three defendants then tortured Fogel after they were unable to find any money in her house.

Borisvicho allegedly gagged Fogel's mouth with tape, beat her and poured bleach on her. Later on, the suspects doused Figo in water and applied electric shocks to her body.

Shechter was arrested two weeks ago after his picture was broadcast by national media.

Fogel expressed deep resentment at the sentence, saying she had expected Shechter would receive 20 to 25 years and the court had been lenient with him. "I feel no relief, and the punishment isn't enough compared to what I'm still going through," she said.

Fogel said she is not able to sleep at night and has lost her independence. She refused to accept Shechter's apology in court saying that he "ruined my life," adding that she spent six months in rehab and is still undergoing treatment for the trauma caused by the attack.

"It hurts and angers me. I can't forget and I can't sleep. This must not be allowed to pass unnoticed," added Fogel.