Man Sentenced to 10 Years for Posing as Gov't Official to Rape Women

Zvi Saliman would approach women in economic distress and offer them Housing Ministry apartments in exchange for sex.

The Tel Aviv District Court sentenced Zvi Saliman Tuesday morning to ten years in prison for posing as a senior Housing Ministry official and using the phony identity to rape and commit other offenses against 12 women.

The defendant would frequent various Netanya locations, including the open-air market and central bus station, where he would introduce himself as Yaron Oz to women in economic distress. He would then offer them Housing Ministry apartments in exchange for sexual favors.

The judges noted in their ruling that the offences in question do not fall under cruel sexual offenses, but rather offenses committed through the use of severe violence.

Saliman was also convicted of sodomy, aggravated fraud, attempted fraud, indecent conduct and impersonating a civil servant.