Man Jailed for 18 Years for Raping, Impregnating Teen Daughter

Daughter discovered to be carrying father's baby after arriving at Tel Aviv hospital for stomach pains.

The Tel Aviv District Court on Monday sentenced a man to 18 years in prison for raping and impregnating his 13-year-old daughter, also ordering him to give his daughter NIS 50,000 in damages.

The man, 45, was convicted of raping his daughter on four occasions.

The father's actions were revealed after his daughter had arrived to a checkup in Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital for stomach pains, where it was revealed that she had been impregnated by her father.

While the daughter was hospitalized ahead of her abortion, her father called her instructing her to write a letter in which she was to say that she had lied and had in fact been raped in school.

The girl complied with her father's request, however a DNA test proved that her father had indeed been the one that had impregnated her. The man consequently admitted to his actions and was convicted as part of a plea bargain.

"The evidence revealed in this case?is one of the most shocking and difficult we had dealt with in crimes of this nature," wrote judges Uri Shoham, Miriam Sokolov and Yehudit Shevach in their verdict.

"The defendant did not spare his own daughter, raping her before she had reached 14 years of age, while demanding her to keep the awful secret to herself," the judges added.

"Under these circumstances, we find it hard to find any points in favor of the defendant," they concluded.