Man Indicted for Rape and Murder of 16-year-old Girl in Ashkelon

Once Nikolai Doroshev realized that he may be indicted for the rape of Leah Drainkin, he choked the girl to death.

A draft indictment on the charges of rape and murder was served against Nikolai Doroshev at the Be'er Sheva District Court on Monday. According to the indictment, Doroshev drove 16-year-old Leah Drainkin home after a party when he tried to rape her - causing her to choke to death.

Allegedly, after Doroshev volunteered to drive Drainkin and her friends home, she told him she wasn't feeling well and asked to lay down in his car, falling asleep. After Doroshev drove everyone else home, he noticed Drainkin was still sleeping due to her intoxication.

The draft indictment said that "he decided to take advantage of the situation in order to have intercourse with her without her consent and to do so he drove to the top of a hill near Kibbutz Nitzahanim."

Once Doroshev began raping Drainkin she woke up and screamed at him to stop, fought him, and threatened to serve a complaint against him to the police. Allegedly, once Doroshev realized that he may be indicted for rape, he choked the girl to death.

Drainkin's body was found three weeks ago on the hill near Kibbutz Nitzahanim, after her parents notified the Ashkelon police that she never returned from the party with her friends. Following the complaint police began looking for her and found her body.

During his remand hearing in the Ashdod Magistrate's Court the day after his arrest, Doroshev said the act happened in the moment.

"I did not mean to; it just happened," he said. "I pressed on her throat and she couldn't breath."

Doroshev's attorney, Gil Bayer, told the court his client, "did not mean to murder the girl. He had intercourse with her against her will, and when she screamed, he didn't want to get caught, so he pressed on her throat, he pressed too hard."