Man Indicted for Allegedly Stabbing Mother 66 Times

Ra'anana man allegedly killed his mother and attempted to kill his brother to avoid hospitalization.

A Ra'anana man was indicted in the Petah Tikva District Court on Wednesday for the murder of his mother and the attempted murder of his brother.

According to the indictment, Yovav Elgueti intended to murder his mother and brother because he feared they were planning on admitting him to a psychiatric hospital.

Elgueti waited for his mother, knife in hand, in their home and once she arrived he began stabbing her repeatedly, and continued doing so even once she fell to the floor begging for her life. After stabbing his mother 66 times all over her body, the man left her to die still breathing, and departed to his brother's apartment with the intention of killing him as well.

Elgueti allegedly then went to his brother's home and stabbed his brother, in front of his brother's wife and their young son. He continued to stab him until his brother was able to escape. His mother, meanwhile, dragged herself to the living room to phone for emergency assistance.

The Central District Attorney's office claims Elgueti should be arrested since he confessed to his crimes and even detailed how he planned the murder. The prosecution also has a Magen David Adom tape where the mother describes how her son stabbed her repeatedly.