Man Hurt in Minefield Dies After Falling Off Rescue Helicopter

24-year-old apparently entered old mine field near Beit She'an with two friends for a picnic.

A 24-year-old man sustained serious leg injuries after accidentally wandering into a mine field near Beit She'an. The man later fell off the helicopter that was summoned to rescue him, and was killed.

The initial investigation into the incident revealed that the man, a resident of the Wadi Ara village of Mushraife, entered the old mine field with two friends apparently for a hike and a picnic. The area was clearly marked as a mine field.

The victim stepped on a land mine, activating it, and sustained serious injuries. The other two friends were not hurt. The friends summoned Magen David Adom emergency medical professionals.

Police officers also arrived at the scene. Sappers approached the victim, but voiced concern that the rescuers might also activate land mines, and subsequently a helicopter was summoned to evacuate the victim from the scene.

Israel Air Force soldiers evacuated the victim in what turned out to be a complicated mission, and when the helicopter had gained significant height, the victim fell to the ground. The reason for the accident is yet unknown.