Man Given 4 Years in Jail for Stabbing Daughter Over 'Honor Crime'

Police officer on scene allegedly stopped father from stabbing daughter further.

The Haifa Magistrate's Court on Monday sentenced a man suspected of stabbing his daughter in an "honor crime" to four years in prison and one and half years on probation.

The sentence was given as part of a plea bargain, after the man confessed to all charges against him, which allegedly occurred in May 2006.

According to the charges, the man and his daughter got into an argument over the father's suspicion that the girl had done something to harm the "family honor."

During the argument, the man allegedly chased his daughter with a kitchen knife as she tried to escape. He eventually caught up with her and stabbed her numerous times in her upper body.

A police officer on duty nearby managed to stop the father from stabbing her further. The charges also alleged that during the incident, the father instructed his son to lie during investigation and say he had given his father the knife.