Man Detained for Sending Threatening Letter to PM`s Wife

Sara Netanyahu is being sued by former housekeeper who claims she is getting death threats.

A Bat Yam man was arrested Sunday over suspicions he had sent a threatening letter to the Prime Minister's office, stating his wish to kill Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's wife Sara over her alleged mistreatment of her housekeeper.

"If something happens to the housekeeper, her blood is on your hands," the handwritten letter noted, adding "I will put a bullet in your head, and no body guard will protect you."

The statment was likely referring to the death threats Lillian Peretz, the former housekeeper who is suing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara for alleged mistreatment, claimed to have been receiving since filing the suit.

Police failed to find any weapons in a search was conducted in the suspect's home following his arrest. In his investigation the man claimed he had sent the letter out of anger and said he regretted his actions.

Peretz told Channel 2 news that that she has been receiving phone calls from an anonymous man telling her "if you don't retract your complaint within the next 12 hours you will be harmed."

Evidence obtained by Haaretz revealed that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's wife Sara was skimping on payments to the couple's household help.

Pay slips that Peretz, submitted along with her suit against Sarah Netanyahu show that her basic monthly wage ranged from NIS 2,550 to NIS 3,060.