Man Convicted of Stabbing Neighbor to Death in Argument Over Parking Spot

Man originally accused of premeditated murder but convicted of manslaughter when no proof of intent was found.

A Tel Aviv district court convicted a man on Wednesday of stabbing and killing another man for taking his parking spot at his house.

David Kapaz, age 38 from Holon, had stood accused of premeditated murder for stabbing Yosef Bavli to death in front of his house in March of 2008.

Judges decided to convict him of manslaughter instead as there was no proof that he had intended to kill Bavli.

According to the indictment from April 2008, Bavli parked his car close to the entrance of Kevas's house, as he was visiting a friend who lived close by. When Kapaz arrived home and noticed the car blocking his driveway, he took a knife and slashed the car's tires.

When Bavli came out and found the flat tires, and assumed the neighbor had done it, he called his friend and they both confronted the neighbor.

Kapaz came out of his house with his dog and a knife. During an ensuing altercation which left the friend injured, Kapaz stabbed Bavli twice, killing him.