Man Apparently Beaten to Death, Another Stabbed in T.A. Brawls

Remand extended for two security guards suspected of obstructing the course of justice.

Koby Adhano, 31, from Yavneh, was found dead on Friday night on Erlinger Street in downtown Tel Aviv, near the old central bus station.

Initial police inquiries have led them to believe that Adhano was involved in a brawl and was beaten to death. Two security guards from nearby brothels were detained on suspicion of obstructing the course of justice, as police said their testimonies contradicted the forensic evidence at the scene.

Their remand was extended, but police emphasized that despite a number of leads, it was too early to point to suspects.

Another brawl ended in murder on a nearby street two months ago.

Also on Friday, a security guard at a Tel Aviv nightclub near the old central bus station was stabbed by a patron, police said.

He was slightly injured and taken to Ichilov hospital. The alleged assailant, 21, from Tel Aviv, was chased by friends of the victim and detained by them until police arrived.

He was slightly injured in the chase, and was brought to a courthouse for a remand extension after receiving medical treatment. Following the incident, the nightclub was shut down by police until further notice.