Man Allegedly Threatens to Kill the Culture Minister

Man accused of sending threatening emails says the minister has done "inappropriate things to Israel."

A 38-year-old man from the central town of Ramat Gan was charged on Friday for threatening to kill the Sports and Culture Minister Limor Livnat.

Earlier last month the man sent two hate-emails to the minister, one of which asked the question "how does it feel to get a bullet in between the eyes?"

In the second email, which was sent to her official Knesset address, the man asked Livnat "how does it feel to be covered in black cloth?"

An initial psychiatric observation deemed the man in a psychotic state.

The prosecutor asked for the suspect to remain under remand until the end of the trial proceedings saying that "the man sent serious threats to a public official, which cannot be overlooked by a democratic society."

The prosecutor also said that the accused had admitted to the alleged crime during police questioning, and therefore should remain in police custody.

The accused said "I sent her those emails because she has done inappropriate things to the state, and I'm willing to personally talk to her about them."

He added that he sent the emails to the minister because he wanted to ultimately meet the prime minister.

The prosecution has also said that the man admitted to sending recurrent letters and threats to several ministers and public figures.