Man Accused of Killing Daughter Commits Suicide in Prison

Man died from head injuries after jumping from a prison fence; His death is the latest in a string of prison suicides.

A man accused of killing his three-year-old daughter committed suicide at Sharon Prison on Monday by jumping head first off a three-meter fence.

Assaf Goldring was charged with strangling his three-year-old daughter Noa to death. According to the indictment, Goldring tried to take his own life immediately following the death of his daughter, and several times while in custody.

Magen David Adom emergency medical service paramedics received a call Monday afternoon about a prisoner suffering from a serious head injury. Upon arriving at the scene, the paramedics were brought to the prison yard, where Goldring's body lay.

"The medical staff of the prison brought us to the yard where we saw a young man lying next to a concrete edge. The man showed signs of heavy bleeding in his head," said a paramedic who arrived at the scene.

"The staff who first found him tried to revive him. Regretfully, by the time we got to him, he showed no signs of life, no heartbeat and no breathing. After several minutes, a MDA doctor pronounced him dead," said the paramedic.

During the past six weeks, there have been several incidents of suicides within prisons, including the death of TV personality, Dudu Topaz, who hanged himself in the shower of his prison cell.

"Someone who wants to end their life will succeed sooner or later, also under supervision," the Israel Prisons Service said about the recent rash of prison suicides.