Livni Blasts Netanyahu as Being 'Easily Blackmailed'

Opposition leader says Netanyahu 'crushing' every criterion for the supervision of government.

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni blasted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as being "easily blackmailed" in light of the many cabinet posts he handed out while putting his government together.

"The government is crushing every public standard, and Netanyahu, who is easily blackmailed, wants to survive," said Livni, speaking at a meeting in the Knesset of lawmakers from her Kadima party.

Netanyahu's government, which was sworn in last week, is the largest in Israeli history, with 30 ministers and nine deputy ministers.

Livni added: "After the Netanyahu administration crushed every public standard in forming a government, it is [now] crushing every criterion for the supervision of government and its honor in its manner of working in the Knesset."

She was referring to a request by the cabinet for the Knesset to change the law and extend the period for passing the budget to 106 days to allow preparation of a two-year budget.