Livni: Annapolis Process Should Be Continued

Opposition leader blames political maneuvering in Israel for failure in implementing Annapolis principles.

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni on Friday expressed her support of renewed peace talks with the Palestinians and continued brokering attempts by the U.S., saying the principles established at the Annapolis summit in November 2007 should be adhered to.

"The Annapolis process was stopped because of political maneuvers in Israel, and not because it failed or reached an impasse. It can, and should be continued," Livni said.

Livni, who spoke at an Open University conference, said "Israel signed an agreement which said that both side would lead negotiations on the basis of two states for two peoples, and that everything would be subjected to Road Map understandings. The Israeli government agreed to it, the Palestinians agreed to it and that served as the basis."

Livni also addressed the issue of the 2005 Gaza disengagement, saying that Ariel Sharon decided, and I was a partner to that decision, that the stagnation was hurting us, and the disengagement was decided on, since it was clear that in any future agreement Gaza would not stay under Israel's control."