Likud MK to Propose Ban on Public Mourning for Terrorists

Erdan says Israel is 'suicidal' after E. J'lem memorials; right-wingers detained on way to mourning tent.

Likud MK Gilad Erdan said Sunday he intends to propose a bill that would ban mourners' tents or any other public form of mourning or remembrance for terrorists.

The proposal comes after police said they could not prevent the erection of a mourners' tent in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber honoring Ala Abu Dhaim, who carried out Thursday's terror attack in a Jerusalem yeshiva that killed eight, most of them teenagers.

"The State of Israel acts more like a suicidal democracy than a democracy that is defending itself," said Erdan.

"It is our obligation to send a clear message that whoever murders innocent civilians will not only not receive any financial benefits from the state, but also will not be commemorated in public," said Erdan.

Meanwhile, six right-wing Israeli activists were detained Sunday afternoon as they prepared to march to the terrorist's home in Jabel Mukaber, where a mourning tent had been set up on Friday.

A squad of Israel Police declared the march an illegal gathering and detained several participants.