Light Aircraft Narrowly Evade Collision Over Central Israel

Air traffic controllers did not detect the potential collision and the pilots were not cautioned.

Two light aircrafts were involved in a near collision above the central part of Israel, Haaretz learned Wednesday.

Two private planes flew toward each other, averting a collision by only several dozen meters.

Neither pilot was forewarned of the potential collision as air traffic controllers did not pick up on the incident.

The Civil Aviation Authority is investigating the incident.

In a separate incident, an airliner affiliated with the Turkish carrier "Sky" was involved in a hazardous approach near Ben-Gurion International Airport on Tuesday.

The plane, with 180 passengers on board, cricled the airport due east ahead of its landing approach, when the pilot overran the point in which he was to turn toward Ben Gurion airport and came dangerously close to the Judea mountains.

The cockpit warning signal went off to warn against the dangerously low flight altitude and the pilot ascended.

According to a flight expert the incident was not a serious flight security incident since the pilot had eye contact with his surroundings and during clear weather.

A Civil Aviation Authority safety report for 2008 released Tuesday showed a 300 percent increase in aerial accident fatalities, as 9 people were killed in flight-related accidents in 2008, compared to only 3 in 2007.

The report, however, detailed a drop in injuries for 2008, with 9 reported injuries compared to 15 in 2007.