Lebanon Urges France: Help Prevent Israel From Attacking Us

Lebanon parliament speaker urges France to use its international influence to see Resolution 1701 enforced.

Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri on Monday asked France to wield its power in the international arena and take a stance against any possibility of an Israeli attack on Lebanon.

During talks with the president of France's senate, Gerard Gérard Larcher, Berri said the world must force Israel to abide wholly by United Nations Resolution 1701 - which put an end to the 2006 war with Hezbollah - in order to ensure the security of the entire Middle East.

Syria last month vowed to stand by Lebanon's side in the case of an Israeli attack, but Israel has declared that it has no intention go to war with its northern neighbor.

"The State of Israel is not looking for any kind of confrontation with Lebanon," Netanyahu said in a statement released by his office in January, adding, "Israel seeks peace with all of its neighbors."

Also last month, Hezbollah on Saturday lashed out at French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner over his recent comments condemning the group and linking it to Iran.

"Israel is our friend, and if there was a threat to Lebanon, it will only come from a military adventure carried out by Hezbollah in the best interest of Iran," Kouchner reportedly told the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri during a visit to Paris.

In response, Hezbollah declared: "Kouchner's statement carried clear echoes for the Israeli voice and a full denial for France's history and its legacy in resisting aggression and occupation."

"This stance is an attempt to acquit Israel and to cover up its relentless violations of Lebanese sovereignty, the thing which represents a shield for its occupation and an encouragement for it to pursue its aggressions," Hezbollah said.