Lebanon, UN to Work on Marking Israel Border After Border Clash

UNIFIL commander Graziano meets with Lebanese Army, IDF officials following week of border tensions.

Senior officers from the Lebanese Army and the United Nations peacekeeping force agreed Monday to work on marking a UN-drawn line that defines the border between Lebanon and Israel, Lebanese military officials said.

The meeting came a few days after Lebanese and Israel Defense Forces troops exchanged fire at the border.

In a separate meeting Monday in the border town of Naqoura, the commander of UN forces - Major General Claudio Graziano - discussed ways to prevent new border incidents with senior officers from the Lebanese Army and the Israel Defense Forces.

Graziano said he considered the meeting to hold utmost significance, adding that it was the correct way to solve problems between the two sides and prevent future problem from occurring.

Following an exchange of fire last week between IDF forces and Lebanese troops, the UN Security Council and Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon expressed "deep concern" and urged both sides to exercise restraint.

The Security Council issued a statement calling for an immediate renewal of three-way talks.

The tensions between Lebanese and Israeli forces began early last week when four explosive devices were found on Israeli territory near the border with Lebanon.

IDF troops entered the area between the security fence and the internationally-recognized border with several bulldozers, in order to search for the devices, planted by Hezbollah.

On Wednesday night, two days after the devices were found, an IDF tank fired two rounds at the Lebanese Army - at an outpost and an armored vehicle - close to the community of Avivim, along the border fence, in response to gunfire targeting IDF troops operating in a salient inside Israeli territory.

UNIFIL reported to the IDF that five Lebanese were injured, but the Lebanese Army later denied having suffered any casualties.

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