Leading Journalist Amnon Abramovitch Quits Channel One

Journalist Amnon Abramovitch, considered to be Channel One television's most important journalistic asset, tendered his resignation from the station to the Israel Broadcasting Authority on Sunday. He is expected to decide by the end of the week whether he wants to move to Channel Two or Channel 10, both of which have been courting him over the last few months.

While Abramovitch called his resignation a "friendly and cultured conclusion," the change took place following months of hard times, especially with Friday's key program, "Yoman."

Abramovitch's resignation appears to be due to the decision of IBA Director-General Yosef Barel to bring in a more right-wing commentator onto the program to "balance out" Abramovitch, whose opinions Barel considers to be left-leaning.

The resignation of Abramovitch is a tough blow to the news department of public broadcasting, which has been deteriorating since Barel started running the IBA.

At about the same time that Abramovitch resigned, Yossi Meshulam, Channel One's temporary director, fired Yoman editor Elisha Spiegelman, after Spiegelman said he couldn't prepare the weekly program with the sparse resources available. Michael Doron was asked to edit the program, but refused. Yoman has no editor at the moment.