LBC Airs New Clip Featuring Ron Arad Saying He Is an Israeli Soldier

Missing IAF navigator shown in another promotional clip ahead of documentary set to be aired Sep. 5.

The Lebanese broadcasting company LBC aired a video on Thursday morning, which shows missing Israel Air Force navigator Ron Arad. In the video, Arad is shown speaking English and saying he is a soldier in the Israeli army.

The clip was aired as part of a series of promotional outtakes broadcast by LBC for a documentary on Israeli soldiers held in Lebanon and Hezbollah guerillas held in Israel, which is set to be aired next week.

The documentary will also include footage of the kidnapping of three soldiers in Har Dov in October 2000, in addition to an interview with Elhanan Tennenbaum, which was shot while he was being held hostage by Hezbollah guerillas.

On Wednesday, Pierre A-Daher, an LBC editor, said the interview with Tennenbaum was conducted by a journalist with links to Hezbollah, who gave the tape to LBC.

Israeli Director Naftali Glicksberg, who was involved in the making of the film, said on Wednesday that Arad identified himself in Hebrew on the tape. According to Glicksberg, Arad is shown for about a minute, saying his name, rank and position in the IAF.

Glicksberg says the video was made using a simple camcorder and it's hard to say whether the navigator was standing or sitting while he was being filmed.