Labor 'Rebels' Vote Against Key Bill in Further Sign of Rift

MK Tamir votes against Economic Arrangements Bill because of clauses that 'have absolutely nothing to do with passing the budget.'

Labor's "rebels" voted on Tuesday with the opposition against the Economic Arrangements Bill, a vast package of legislation which determines many key areas of the budget, in a further sign of the deep rift within Ehud Barak's party.

About 67 MKs voted for the bill's various clauses on its second reading Tuesday, as opposed to the 47 MKs who voted against them. The Laborites who opposed the bill were: Amir Peretz, Yuli Tamir, Ophir Pines-Paz, and Eitan Cabel.

MK Tamir said she voted with the opposition because, "The current Arrangements Bill includes dozens of subjects that have absolutely nothing to do with passing the budget."

MK Shelly Yachimovich, who is not usually considered one of the rebels, said she would vote against the law during its second and third readings. Nevertheless, the lawmaker did in fact vote in favor of a number of the law's clauses.