Labor Federations to Hold Elections on Tuesday Despite Likud Claim

Histadrut and Na'amat will go ahead with vote after Jerusalem District Court rejected petition to delay it.

The Histadrut labor federation and its woman's affiliate Na'amat will hold elections on Tuesday after the Jerusalem District Court rejected a petition by the organization's Likud list to delay them.

Judge Zvi Zylbertal rejected the claim by the Likud list, headed by Lion Benlulu, opponent of present chairman Ofer Eini that the system by which voters are to place a second slip in a second envelope, on which they write their name, would impair the fairness of the election.

The judge rejected another argument by the Likud list that placing voting stations at work places would invite pressure on voters by workers' committees close to Eini.

In addition to the election for chairman, four lists are running for representation on workers councils throughout the country and for Na'amat's leadership: Ogenim, headed by Eini and including Labor, Meretz, Oz, Shas, the Pensioners' Party and Eini-supporting Likudniks; the Likud list, Hadash list and Arab list, Balad.

There are 459,581 registered voters.

Eini's attempt to retain his seat by agreement with representatives of Labor, Oz, Meretz, Shas and the Pensioners, rather than elections, was foiled by Benlulu who rejected the call for a coalition.