Knesset Committee Reviews Proposal for Policing 'Talkbacks'

Under proposal, websites would provide a means for users to complain about specific responses, and the sites would be exempt from legal action.

The Israel Internet Association on Wednesday presented the Knesset Science and Technology Committee with a proposal that would set boundaries on online comments linked to news stories on websites.

The proposal would seek to limit the amount of online responses or "talkbacks" that include personal attacks and violations of privacy, pedophilic material, incitement, and the exposure of violent crime victims' identities.

Websites would also operate a feature that would allow users to complain about specific talkbacks and request their removal.

In exchange for the cooperation, websites would be exempt from lawsuits relating to talkbacks on their sites.

The Knesset committee voted to accept the basic stipulations of the proposal; that is that websites will patrol their content instead of legislation that would require outside enforcement.