Kiryat Yam Man Convicted of Burning Girlfriend to Death

Judges: Ivtor Avshalomov refused to open his apartment door until he was convinced he had killed his partner.

The Haifa District Court Sunday convicted a Kiryat Yam resident, Ivtor Avshalomov, of murdering his longtime girlfriend, Larissa Davidov, by burning her to death.

Avshalomov killed Davidov as a result of a financial dispute between the couple, in addition to suspicions that she was romantically involved with other men.

The court ruling noted that on January 13, 2008 Avshalomov met up with Davidov in their apartment after he had obtained two bottles of a flammable substance from his place of employment, a tube-making factory.

He also had two bottles of lighter fluid and matches in his possession at the time of their meeting.

Avshalomov locked the apartment door, struck Davidov's face and proceeded to douse some of the flammable liquid on her, after which he set it alight. He later spilled a second bottle of liquid on Davidov, in addition to hitting her with a flower pot in order to ensure his victim's death.

According to the indictment, the couple had lived together for about 12 years; they also had a child together, who is now eight.

Judges Yosef Elron, Camal Sa'ab and Moshe Gilad added in their ruling that Avshalomov avoided opening the apartment door, even as he heard people pounding on it from the outside, until he was absolutely positive that Davidov had died.

At the trial's onset Avshalomov's defense attorneys claimed he was not fit to stand trial, which led to several, and inconclusive, psychiatric examinations. The court then ordered the defendant be examined by a panel of experts, who subsequently determined that he was fit to stand trial.