Katyusha Rocket Hit Haifa Oil Refineries Complex During Second Lebanon War

Direct hit could have killed or injured hundreds; Kiryat Ata Mayor: Major catastrophe narrowly averted.

A Katyusha rocket hit the Haifa oil refineries complex during the Second Lebanon War, according to a prospectus of refinery securities presented Thursday.

The refineries are considered to be among the most sensitive sites in the Haifa Bay and contain tons of dangerous materials that, should they have leaked due to a more direct hit, could have killed or injured hundreds of people.

According to Oil Refineries Ltd., which presented the prospectus, the rocket hit an open area in the refineries complex.

Kiryat Ata Mayor Ya'akov Peretz said a major disaster was narrowly averted. "Today the catastrophic scenario that we feared during the Second Lebanon War was revealed to the public," he said. "Every rocket endangered the stores of dangerous materials, threatening a population of roughly half a million people."

Peretz said that during a recent Kiryat Ata conference on the environment, all the relevant agencies, including security agencies and the Israel Defense Forces Home Front Command, discussed a solution to the issue.

Nonetheless, "with all the good will and readiness on the part of rescue agencies, I'm not sure that there is a true answer for this problem during an emergency," said Peretz.

"In the next war this fear will also hover over hour heads, and we must take it into consideration," he added.