Just 30% of Israelis Support Open Chain Stores on Shabbat

Public split on whether Dor Alon Group should agree to rabbis' demands to close AM:PM branches on Saturday.

Just one-third of the public thinks that the chain stores should open for work on Saturday, and about 60% believe that they should remain closed, according to a survey reported by 'TheMarker,' which included 500 respondents.

The survey conducted by Meida Shivuki C.I. market research firm studied public opinion, both secular and religious, following the struggle between the ultra-Orthodox community and the Dor Alon Group, over the operation of AM:PM convenient stores on Shabbat.

Of the 30% of respondents who were of the opinion that chain stores should be open on Saturday, two-thirds defined themselves as secular. None of the religious and ultra-Orthodox respondents believe that the stores should remain open on Shabbat, but about 8%, said that didn't know, or refused to answer the question.

Asked whether the Dor Alon Group should agree to the demands of the ultra-Orthodox community to close AM:PM branches on Saturday, 44% of the respondents said yes - but a similar percentage said that the Group should refuse.

Answers to the survey varied according to the degree of respondents' religious observance: nearly all ultra-Orthodox respondents said that Dor Alon should close down the stores on Saturday, compared to 70% of the religious respondents, and about 20% of the secular respondents.

Among the secular population, 70% said that the Group should not close down AM:PM branches on Saturday, compared to 16.5% who said that they should. Among respondents who described themselves as 'traditional,' about 53% said that the branches should be closed, and 34% said that the Group should keep them open.

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