Jerusalem Police Charge Haredi Youth for Torching Israeli Flag

Another youth arrested as protesters torch flags and trash cans ahead of 62nd Independence Day.

Jerusalem police on Monday charged a 20-year-old ultra-Orthodox man with disorderly conduct and desecrating the state flag, after he allegedly set Israel's flag on fire in the Shabbat Square in Jerusalem a day earlier.

The suspect is a member of anti-Zionist sect Neturei Karta, which held a rally on Sunday as the Memorial Day siren honoring Israel's fallen soldiers sounded throughout the country, israeli media reported.

Police filed for an expedited hearing due to the fact that the man torched the flag a day before the 62nd Independence Day celebrations.

The Jerusalem District Court has set a court date for the court proceedings.

Meanwhile, dozens of ultra-Orthodox, anti-Zionist demonstrators rallied in Jerusalem on Monday and torched Israel's flag and trash cans on Shivtei Israel Street in the capital, while hurling stones at passing vehicles.

Police arrested a 14-year-old for torching the state flag at the site.