Jerusalem Man Indicted for Allegedly Stabbing Landlady to Death

43-year old is accused of killing his landlady after ongoing dispute over apartment maintenance.

A 43-year-old Jerusalem man was indicted on Friday in the Jerusalem district court for the alleged murder of his landlady last week.

Avi Dar, a Masters student living in Jerusalem, is accused of stabbing to death Tzipi Nehamo, a Jerusalem lawyer in her 50s, when she brought potential tenants to the apartment in the city's Armon Hanatziv neighborhood.

According to the indictment, Dar was in an ongoing dispute with his landlady over maintenance of the apartment.

Dar confronted Nehamo in January with a demand that she refund him for expenses, the indictment said. After a few months he decided to leave the apartment, and Nehamo began searching for a replacement.

On the afternoon of August 18, Nehamo arrived at the apartment with an elderly couple. Following their entry, Dar closed the front door and began arguing with Nehamo, before allegedly grabbing a commando knife with a nine-centimeter long blade, grabbing Nehamo's hair and stabbing her in the shoulder. He then allegedly brandished the knife in front of the elderly couple and threatened that he would kill them if they attempted to intervene.

The couple escaped from the apartment after Nehamo managed to pass them the key. After they left, Dar allegedly pressed Nehamo against the wall and killed her by slicing her face and stabbing her all over her body, including the stomach and chest.

Dar said Friday that he wanted to apologize to Nehamo's family, adding: "I am not mentally ill. I am sound and interested in standing trial."