Jaffa Man Suspected of Stealing Security Camera Near Judge's Home

Security around Judge George Kara's home had been heightened due to fear that underworld figures planning to harm him.

Police arrested a 28-year-old Jaffa resident Sunday morning on suspicion of stealing a security camera overlooking the house of a prominent Tel Aviv district judge.

Security around the home of George Kara, the judge, had been heightened due to intelligence that underworld figures were planning to harm him.

Police and security personnel rushed to the scene after the incident.

Following an examination of surveillance footage, police recognized the suspect, who was previously known to them as a property thief.

Officers subsequently headed to the suspect's home, where they found the stolen camera.

Kara has been guarded by an around-the-clock security detail over the past year and a half. Additionally, Tel Aviv police vehicles frequently patrol near his house. Kara's address and telephone number, however, can still be found on the Internet.