Indian Media React Angrily to Israeli Criticism of Chabad Rescue Operation

Israeli security officials quoted as saying Indian commando attack was risky and premature.

Indian media have reacted angrily to criticism from Israeli defense officials of the Indian commando operation against the terrorists who took control of Chabad house in Mumbai.

Eight hostages inside the center were killed, including Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka. All of the victims were Jewish, Israeli or both.

Israeli and international media quoted Israeli security officials as claiming the operation was risky and premature. Indian media published the criticisms at length, and although there has yet to be an official reaction from the Indian government, local journalists and television commentators have reacted strongly.

They accuse Israel of casting doubt on the effectiveness of their "brave" Indian commandos, and claim that Israel has a bad record in hostage-rescue operations, aside from the successful Operation Entebbe in 1976.

Eli Blotserkovski, the political envoy to the Israeli embassy in New Delhi, told Haaretz, "This emphasizes the need for all the international community, not just India and Israel, to act in a coordinated manner against terrorism."

Another Israeli diplomat in India said Israel needs to be careful not to criticize India.

"Particularly in the present situation we have an important strategic relationship with them and we stand with them in a shared struggle against terrorism," he said.