IDF Soldier Robbed of Rifle While Guarding Tel Aviv Base

Soldier claims a man who rang to enter the base hurled a rock at his head as he approached the gate.

An Israel Defense Forces soldier was apparently attacked and robbed of his rifle early Friday while guarding the main military compound in central Tel Aviv.

The incident occurred after an unidentified man rang the bell at one of the gates to the base. One of the two soldiers serving guard duty left his post to approach the gate, carrying his army-issued M-16 rifle.

When the soldier failed to return to his post after a number of minutes, his comrade went in search of him.

He found the first soldier laying on the ground, with bruises to his head and his weapon missing. The guards reported the incident to their commanders, and the assaulted soldier was taken to the Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv to be treated for minor wounds.

According to the attacked soldier, the unidentified man who had rung the bell ambushed him as he approached the gate, hurling a rock at his head. The soldier said the man then grabbed his rifle and fled.

IDF commanders and the Tel Aviv Police are still combing the area for the suspect. The army confirmed the incident and said that an investigation was underway.

It is not yet clear whether the suspect acted with nationalist or criminal motives. Once the IDF concludes its investigation, it will pass its findings on to the Military Advocate's Office.