IDF Shell Kills Palestinian Family of Seven Near Gaza City

UN places Palestinian death toll at 517 on 10th day of Israeli offensive; 42 people killed on Sunday.

The Israel Defense Forces killed seven members of a Palestinian family in a strike on their home in the Gaza Strip on Monday, Palestinian medical officials said.

The attack at Beach refugee camp, on the outskirts of the city of Gaza, followed a separate shelling which killed three children and their mother, said medical officials.

They said that at least 12 civilians had been killed on Monday in total.

Blasts rocked Gaza overnight after IDF soldiers moved into a northern zone. Israeli forces had asked residents to leave their homes to avoid being hurt in the clashes with Hamas militants. Some families sought refuge in nearby United Nations run schools.

A military spokeswoman said the air force bombed more than 30 targets, including homes of Hamas members used as weapons depots, tunnels and a suspected anti-aircraft rocket launcher.

At least 517 Palestinians have been killed at least a quarter of them civilians, a UN agency said. Forty-two, mostly civilians were killed on Sunday, a medical source said.

Israel approves crossing of trucks carrying humanitarian aid

Meanwhile, Israel allowed 80 trucks carrying humanitarian aid to enter the Gaza Strip on Monday through the Shalom Crossing.

Olmert on Sunday stated that Israel will not allow a humanitarian crisis to occur in the coastal strip, and will aid Gazans with food and medical supplies.