IDF Officer: Israel Committed to Hunting Down Nasrallah

In interview to New York Times, officer says Israel scored several key achievements in month-long Lebanon war.

Israel is committed to hunting down and killing Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah and will do its best to ensure that the militant group does not receive fresh weaponry from Syria and Iran, a senior Israel Defense Forces officer told The New York Times over the weekend.

The newspaper quoted the unnamed officer as saying that, "There's only one solution for him," and "This man must die."

The officer told the Times that "International commitments to exclude the Hezbollah militia from southern Lebanon and to disarm it already seem hollow," but insisted that Israel had notched up several key achievements in the month-long conflict in Lebanon.

"We believe it was important to stop the war with Hezbollah understanding that we can beat them anywhere, any time, and we did that," he told the paper. "I believe it will change the situation for a long time."

The officer said that the Israel Defense Forces had used "good intelligence" to take out as much as 80 percent of Hezbollah's medium- and long-range missile launchers in the first two days of the war, which had prevented the militant group from firing an Iranian long-range missile on Tel Aviv.

He told the Times that using sophisticated technology, the IDF had also been able to destroy the rocket launchers that had been used within a minute, "which no other army in the world can do with regularity."