IDF Generals' Wages Shot Up by Whopping 94.1% Over Last 14 Years

Finance Ministry report: Salaries of IDF brigadier generals reached NIS 48,419 in 2008.

The monthly salaries of Israel Defense Forces major generals shot up over the last 14 years by a whopping 94.1 percent, reaching NIS 48,419 in 2008, according to a recent Finance Ministry report.

In contrast, the average salary in Israel only rose by 26.8 percent in real terms between January 1994 and January 2008.

The report proves what the army has been denying for years: Not only does the IDF top brass earn the highest wages, it also receives the highest wage hikes - both in percentages and shekels.

The report, titled "2009 budget proposal - for unclassified security matters," disproves the defense establishment's argument that every effort is being made, including financial recompense, to keep talented low-ranking officers in the army.

As such, it shows that the salary of an IDF captain, only rose from a monthly NIS 7,117 to NIS 8,351 between January 1994 and January 2008 - an increase in real terms of 17.3 percent.

The monthly wages of brigadier generals, however, jumped from NIS 21,484 in January 1994 to NIS 39,523 in the same period.