IDF Chief Dismisses ex-Gaza Division Commander Over Son's ATV Accident

Brig. Gen. Moshe 'Chico' Tamir had previously been demoted to the rank of colonel over the incident.

Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi on Sunday dismissed Brig. Gen. Moshe "Chico" Tamir from the army for failing to report an accident that occurred when his teenage son went on a joyride on Tamir's army-issue all-terrain vehicle.

Tamir had previously been demoted Tamir to the rank of colonel over the incident after military judges found he had covered up the accident.

The incident that touched off the trial took place more than two years ago, during a family outing for officers from the Gaza Brigade.

Tamir, one of the army's most respected soldiers, let his son drive the ATV on an unpaved road, and the teen then collided with a car owned by a civilian. Both cars were lightly damaged but no one was hurt.

Tamir paid the civilian NIS 1,000 not to report the incident and to cover repairs to his car. But after the ATV was inspected by army mechanics, he was required to file a special report on the incident. In this report, Tamir claimed that he had driven the vehicle.