IDF Arrests Palestinian Woman Who Planned to Stab Policeman

IDF soldiers nab Palestinian youth carrying pipe bombs in Jenin; troops kill suspected militant near Hebron.

Israel Defense Forces troops arrested a Palestinian woman bearing a knife at a checkpoint south of Jerusalem, Israel Radio reported Saturday. The woman admitted during an interrogation that she planned to stab a policeman.

Also on Saturday, IDF soldiers arrested a Palestinian youth who was found to be carrying two pipe bombs at the Jenin checkpoint in the West Bank. The 17-year-old male was nabbed when one of the bombs he was concealing dropped to the ground.

Initial interrogations revealed that he intended to detonate the explosives near the soldiers at the checkpoint. Sappers were called in to dismantle the bombs.

On Friday, IDF troops shot dead a Palestinian near the West Bank town of Hebron suspected of involvement in an explosion near their vehicle.

An army spokesman said the soldiers heard a blast as they were driving near the village of Beit Kakhil while on patrol in search of militants. They searched the area and saw a Palestinian man lying on the ground, holding a suspicious-looking object.

Suspecting it contained explosives, the soldiers shot the man, the army said. Palestinian medics said his body, which the army sent to Hebron hours later, was riddled with bullets. He was identified as Hamas member Zied Abu Eisheh.

The army said it was not yet clear whether the Palestinian had been carrying explosives or what had caused the blast near the soldiers' vehicle. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the explosion.

Earlier Friday, IDF troops in the West Bank shot and wounded a Palestinian teenager playing with a toy gun, whom they had mistaken for an armed militant, Israel Radio reported.

The youth, 17, sustained light to moderate wounds after troops shot him in the leg, the radio said.

Israeli medics treated him in the field and later transported him to a hospital in Jerusalem.

The IDF said troops in the West Bank village of Silwad, north of Ramallah, thought they heard shots being fired, according to the report. It said they approached the area and saw the teen, armed with what they thought was a gun, and shot him in the leg.

As they came closer to arrest the suspect, they realized the gun was a toy.

About two weeks ago, troops shot and killed a boy in the West Bank city of Jenin who was playing with a toy gun the soldiers said they thought was real.