IAF Jets Scramble as Plane Flies Over Dimona Nuclear Facility

During the Six Day War, an Israeli jet was shot down after accidentally passing near the nuclear facility.

Israel Air Force fighter jets on Tuesday scrambled against an ultralight plane en route to an air show in the southern city of Arad, after it breached the airspace of the nuclear reactor facility in Dimona.

The pilot reportedly strayed from his planned route, flying from Rishon Letzion in central Israel to Arad near the Dead Sea, and inadvertently entered the reactor's airspace.

Realizing his error, the pilot then called in by radio that he had lost his way and was instructed to land in Arad, where he was questioned by local police.

The Israel Defense Forces Spokesman's Office said that the issue was under investigation by the Israel Airport Authority.

During 1967 Six-Day War, a Mirage type fighter jet accidentally entered the airspace of the Dimona reactor, after suffering been damaged in an attack raid in Egypt.

Having failed to respond to radio calls, the plane was subsequently shot down by nearby anti-aircraft.