'I Pray That He Will Watch Over Us, He Died a Hero'

Relatives mourn Maj. Roey Rosner, infantry officer who was killed Thursday battling Hamas militants in Gaza.

The Rosner home in Holon was overwhelmed with grief Thursday as family members received news of the death of Maj. Roey Rosner, who was killed earlier in the day in Gaza.

"I pray that he will watch over us. He died a hero, I hope he is the last fatality," said Rosner's sister in law.

Rosner, 27, an officer in the Kfir infantry brigade, was killed when his unit was hit with an anti-tank missile while on patrol in the former settlement of Netzarim.

Rosner grew up in the central town of Holon, and had served as a company commander in the brigade for the past nine months. Relatives said he loved his military service and was planning on continuing his career in the army.

He is survived by his parents, Tikva and Oded, his older brother Yaniv and his wife, Sharon Feingold, whom he married less than a year ago.

"We attended their wedding ten months ago," Rosner's sister-in-law added. "I can't grasp it. I miss him. I wish I could hug him one last time. I love him, and I'm proud of him."