Hundreds Attend Funeral of American-Israeli Teen, Mourn Their 'Angel'

Dana Bennet went missing nearly six years ago; Police still investigating circumstances of her death.

Hundreds attended the Thursday funeral of Dana Bennet, the American-Israeli teen whose remains were discovered four weeks ago six years after her vanishing.

The funeral procession left Tiberias' Ha'Itztadyon junction, where Bennet was last seen, later proceeding toward the hilltop cemetery.

As the coffin arrived at the cemetery many of attending present burst into tears, while Bennet's friends and relatives cried in anguish.

Among those who eulogized were Tiberias mayor Zohar Ovad and Safed's chief rabbi David Peretz, who spoke, what he termed as an 'illustrious family' who couldn't wait until Dana would grow up and start a family in Israel.

The funeral was attended by both Bennet's parents, family and friends as well as the chief of the Police's northern command, Shimon Koren, the top brass of the northern district of the Merkhav Ha'amakim Police unit, and representatives of the detective unit's detective staff.

Dana was also eulogized by family members and friends, among them her cousin Maayan who said: "You were our angel and you always knew how you implant your faith into all of our hearts."

Bennet, an American-Israeli teenager from Tiberias, went missing nearly six years ago. Police are investigating the circumstances of her death and a gag order has been imposed on the affair.

Bennett, who was 18 at the time of her disappearance, vanished without a trace shortly after midnight on August 1, 2003, following a shift at a restaurant on the Tiberias boardwalk.

Bennett took a cab to her aunt's home in Tiberias and was last seen crossing the street in the direction of her aunt's house later that night.