Holon Man Arrested After Threatening Life of Netanyahu and Family

The 48-year-old detained a second time after turning up at the Likud chairman's home following initial arrest.

A 48-year-old Holon man was arrested Sunday night after first threatening to harm MK Benjamin Netanyahu and his family if Netanyahu did not meet with him, and later arriving at the Likud chairman's home.

Tel Aviv Police said Monday morning that the threat was not made for ideological purposes. The man will be brought to the Rishon Letzion Magistrate's court on Monday, where a request will be made to extend his remand and to send him for psychiatric evaluation.

The man phoned Netanyahu's office last Thursday and requested to speak to him. He told the head of the office that he would harm the MK and his children if his request for a meeting was denied.

The threat was reported to the police, who located the man within a short period of time. He was detained and interrogated, and was released by court order on Friday.

Several hours after his release, the man arrived at Netanyahu's home in Jerusalem. He fled the scene after being spotted by security guards. On Sunday night, police found the man at the home of his brother in Holon, where they arrested him for the second time.